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I made a few digital edits when I realized that the face turned out considerably narrower than it was supposed to be. I'll be mailing the original soon, though. :)

Mister Bear ran face-first into a massive heap of Suck- I had to do some research to figure out why my "black bear" looked like a brown bear (turns out that it was an issue of muzzle shape, black bears have a straighter line from nose to forehead than brown bears). Also, axes are surprisingly hard to draw.

Started over digitally, but it's still a work in progress.

Octopus has not been started yet, but will be soon.

Have some other stuff!

James looked at the last one and said "My, how... emu-lar..." which I assume is either the state of being emo, or perhaps something of or related to large flightless birds... Anyway, I didn't come up with Emo Bunnicula, I just drew it in exchange for virtual pets. =P

Oh, yes. And fluffy Auri.

Going to make some tea, then back to drawing.

To do:
Rackety Badge (holy crap how long has this been sitting unfinished on my computer? It's been 95% done for months...)
Harli icon
Mister Bear ([ profile] rebelowl42, does he have a name?)
Octopus for [ profile] dandelion
Irime for [ profile] chickvw
Finish Auri reference sheet
Sparklegryphon costume design *sparkle sparkle sparkle*
Anything I'm forgetting?
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