Oct. 31st, 2010

goldenmist: (Jillas costume)
Being huge nerds, we carved a Bowser-face into our pumpkin this year. In a happy coincidence, our trick-or-treaters included two Marios and a Princess Peach. :D BEWARE THE PUMPKIN.

I spent most of the evening dressed up as Jillas. Guesses included "orange wolf", "big bad wolf", "puppy", and "pirate fox". I'll accept "pirate fox", because I doubt there are many Slayers fans around here. :) At least one of the neighbor-kids recognizes my house at this point- he remembered my wolf and said he knew there'd be something here.

Speaking of werewolves, my dad has apparently been putting his to good use, which makes me happy. He was taking a break to cool down when a kid in a store-bought werewolf costume showed up. He asked the kid to hang on a second, ran back into the house, and slipped his mask on. When he returned, the kid took one look at him and said "GRANDPA!" Heehee.

(He's also been driving around to harass relatives. My granddad was not sure what to make of the wolfman who unexpectedly appeared on his doorstep, until it started talking and he realized who it was.)

Hope everyone else had a great evening! Don't make yourselves sick on cheap candy. :D


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