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Brush cleaner is evil.

Last night, I decided to clean some gunked-up paintbrushes, so I poured some brush cleaner into a cup and left the brushes to soak for a bit.

Perhaps I should have considered that it's supposed to clean up acrylic paint. Acrylics are plastic. The cup was plastic.

I came back and the cup was not a cup anymore.

I cleaned up the mess, then tossed a bottle into my art box in case I might need some later on.

I got to watercolor class and found out that it had leaked. The back of my plastic palette was starting to turn into goo.

And then I came home and tried to clean off my drawing table- which had at some point become a clutter table.

There was a jar that had fallen over- probably weeks ago; it was buried under other stuff.

Underneath it was a puddle. A puddle of evil, which had been eating the surface of my table.

So, if you see any paintbrush cleaner- watch out. It is hungry, and it is coming to get you.
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I thought Yu Yu Hakusho was just a ridiculous fighting cartoon. It is an older anime, with a somewhat dated art style, and the feeling of cheap Saturday morning fare.

This is a show that spent an ENTIRE SEASON on a monster martial arts tournament, with everyone pulling named attacks out of their asses in exchanges along the lines of "You do not have enough spiritual power to defeat me!" "Oh yeah? How do you like my Triple Ultra Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mega Demon Wind of Demonic Doom?" *blows up everything*

This is not to say that I didn't enjoy it... primarily because the interactions between the characters are cute, and there is a certain amusement in seeing just how over-the-top it can get...

But I felt that there was, perhaps, a certain lack of substance, and that my appreciation had more to do with my low standards for entertainment, than any particular merits on the show's part.

... Wow. I was in no way prepared for the end of Season 3*.

There are only two words:


*twitch* *twitch* *twitch*

*Unfortunately, the season breaks on my DVDs don't match up at all with natural breaks in the story, and Wikipedia seems to suggest that I am still somewhere in the middle of the actual third season.

Whether it is a ploy to force people to purchase the whole series instead of stopping at the end of a season, or the result of an attempt to shove as many episodes onto each disc as possible, at the expense of quality - it is disappointing. I never considered how jarring bad episode distribution could be, until now. Bad Funimation! No biscuit!

Art Dump

Jun. 22nd, 2010 04:54 pm
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Some of what I've been up to lately:

And a badge I made for [ profile] radiant_urgrue before dragging him to Nakamacon last month. He doesn't have a specific fuzzy avatar, but he likes bears and occasionally uses the name "Inferno", so... he gets to be a burning hellbear. Or something.

Contemplating making another costume head- I could use a project, and I've somehow managed to amass a pile of fake fur in various shades of brown, white, and aqua blue.

I don't to do another wolf or vulpine- the only two I've made so far have been a werewolf and a cartoon fox, and I'd like to try something a little different. However, I'm pretty sure horses, dragons, and gryphons are a bit too complicated for me at this point.

[Poll #1582381]
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Haven't done one of these on LJ in a while.

In celebration of reinstalling my tablet drivers (yay, no more random horizontal lines appearing Painter...) I'll do free icons for the first two people to post.Edit: Spots taken! I've been trying to time myself and figure out where I waste the most time. Since I seem to have a bad tendency to overwork things (without significantly improving them, and sometimes just making it worse), I want to see if I can stop it and just learn to let things be.

Keep in mind that I'm better at animals and fantasy creatures than I am at most other things, but if you want to ask for something else, feel free. Nothing that violates trademarks, though!


1. [ profile] tashar:
2. [ profile] aristos1 :

3. - Extra slot reserved for [ profile] kynekh_amagire, if she'd like
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I am trying to draw a guinea pig.

Thus far I have succeeded in making it look like:

A rabbit
A mouse
A hamster
A marmot
A bulldog (WTF?)

What I do not have is a guinea pig. They're basically beady-eyed meatloaves, how hard can they be?!

... Apparently the answer is "very". *grumbles*


Aug. 5th, 2009 07:01 pm
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I was feeling completely miserable and went to the doctor this afternoon- my first appointment in three years.

The conclusion: BPPV sucks. Stupid little ear-rocks, go back where you belong!
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Every time I've driven past a certain landmark outside of Huntsville, TX, I've been struck with the same thought. And since I turned up a photo of it while looking through my files, I'll share it with everyone else...

Giant Sam vs Godzilla )
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Wilton icing colour + yarn + crock-pot = adventures in dyeland.

image behind cut )
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Inkjet shrinky-dinks are fun, and I am a huge dork. James likes Dragon Quest, so I turned a bunch of sprites into magnets for a little anniversary present.

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Is there any particular reason that "evil" spaceships always have to look all pointy and dark and full of random wires and cables that nobody bothered to move up into the ceiling or whatever, while "good" spaceships are clean and sleek and well-lit?

Is there some sort of Evil Spaceships R Us dealership that's supplying everyone with these things? And does it cost that much extra to add...say...lights and guard rails? How many crew members does the average Evil Spaceship lose by the lack of basic safety precautions?

It's not just the latest Trek movie- it seems to be a common thing. Firefly somewhat avoided it, but the point of that series is that the Big Damn Heroes are flying around in a rust bucket that might break down at any moment, while the Alliance is big and has money. (And then there are the Reavers, who, uh, went crazy and stuck pointy crap all over their stuff. Damnit. Evil Pointy Spaceships strike again!)

Maybe everybody needs to hire new engineers... and an interior decorator or two.
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Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

...even if my oven goes quack today. Turkeys are too big for two people, so we're trying a duck. I've never cooked a duck before, and I tried to call an uncle of mine for tips since he hunts but I kind of forgot that domestic duck and wild duck are considerably different (makes sense, wild duck is flying around all the time and needs more blood flow to its muscles, therefore its meat is much darker.)

I have to laugh at my menu, with a fancy-schmancy wild rice and cranberry stuffed duck... and green bean casserole and cheesy potatoes. Meh, who cares if they don't go together, gotta have the comfort food.

Off to start pumpkin pies or something.


Oct. 30th, 2008 08:02 pm
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I will bite you with my big pointy teeth.

few more below the cut )

Hm. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of my leftover fur and foam.

Itchy dog

Sep. 16th, 2008 11:48 am
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Poor mister Ramses had a bad allergic reaction to something a few weeks ago. Probably some sort of plant. No trips to the doggy park for a while. The vet had me put him on antihistamines- Benadryl did absolutely nothing, and Chlorpheniramine (or however the heck you spell it) may or may not have helped. By the time I switched meds, he was a mess. He licked all of the fur off of the inside of one leg when I wasn't looking. So I took a carpet-bombing approach with corn starch (which left me with a dusty, itchy dog- greaaaaaat), an E-collar, antibacterial "anti-itch" spray, and now paw-soaks to prevent infection of the raw spots there.

In the process of trying to eliminate other allergens, just in case, I also switched his food. I may actually have found dog food he likes! This is from the mutant non-eating corgi, who views kibble as the Food of Last Resort.

Of course, the food he'll eat turned out to be Innova EVO- probably the most expensive one in the store. Spoiled brat!

(Good news- SOMETHING seems to be working. Could be a weather change killing off the allergen, could be something I've tried- at this point, I don't care which one, as long as he feels better and leaves himself alone so the effects of all of his biting/licking/scratching can heal.)
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Snippet from an IM conversation with my brother-

Matthew: in my 4th grade class today (business communication) we were taking about proper word usage or some BS
Matthew: she wrote "ur/your/you're" on the board and said whats the difference and do you know what i said? i bet you do.
Aurinona: What did you say?
Matthew: "one's a city"
Matthew: she gave me a very puzzled look and nobody knew wtf i was talking about
Aurinona: Hahahahaha.
Matthew: apparently my geographical inclinations dont attract the women-folk

He then went on to blame me for his knowledge of the city of Ur and said that his smartass remark was all my fault. Go, me! :D
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WTF. Is this "convert my neighborhood week" or something?

Nobody ever shows up on my doorstep (well, there was one weird guy a few months ago going door-to-door selling meat... ) Yesterday was Mormons. Today was JWs.

I am so confused... Who's next? Pastafarians?
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Surgery seems to have gone fine. Took about an hour and a half. James is less zonked out from his painkillers than I was after getting my wisdom teeth removed, and started making jokes about not lending me money while under the influence. Might have been funnier if we didn't share a bank account. ;)

So far, so good.

(PS. I spent the time in the waiting room starting the Professor Layton game. "I haff tvelve metchsteek!" I can't believe they wanted me to rearrange the matchsticks to look like a dog that got hit by a car. =P )
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Yames is off to get his wisdom teeth removed. Wish him luck!
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My sibs bought me Slayers NEXT for my birthday, since the boxed sets have finally been re-released for reasonable prices (I always thought it was ridiculous how much seasons of anime tend to run =P ) and it was happy and fun, until we got to the extras...

Which include a music video that is full of crazy. It can be found on YouTube here and really scares me. Besides the jumping fish, the lyrics include the lines, "a kiss thrown out is like a boomerang/ a one-way ticket boomerang" ...

You know, there's a name for a boomerang that only goes one way.

It's called A STICK.
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(Click for larger)

First picture since October. I've owed this one to [ profile] tirrih since 2005, had a heck of a time with the character when I tried back then (biped rear into quadruped critter = not so easy) and forgot about it until last month, started it last week. Now I'm feeling motivated to work through the rest of my list. Yay!

P.S. Lunar eclipses are fun. I remember when I lived in San Antonio (sometime between 1987 and 1990, I think?) and watched the moon turn blood-red. Our house backed up to a farm and the sheep were making a lot of noise that night. It creeped me out. :)
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We tried to go to the dog park earlier. Bad idea. Sheet of ice with slush under it, my jeans are soaked to the knees and I didn't even make it an entire lap before I had to turn around. There was a Parks & Rec guy shovelling out the entryway so that the gates could swing open; he said he can't use the dog park he likes because his dogs can WALK OVER THE FENCE due to the snow drifts there.

I think this video sums up my feelings right about now.
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