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Before going over a drawing with watercolours, it would be wise to make sure that all lines were drawn with waterproof ink. So much for that batch of sketches...

At least I'm almost done with wreath adoptables.

One more, then it's time to re-draw the icons I ruined. Get along, try again.


Feb. 23rd, 2007 02:16 pm
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Yup, yesterday was, in fact, a scribble day. I think that last one sucked a lot of my creative energy for the time being. It's nice to relax and do something cute and silly, though. (If you don't get the joke, cockatoos tend to raise their crests when excited- I expect the Luxietoo would, too. :D )

Speaking of silly things, I don't think I ever posted this one to LJ- I was feeling very stupid around Christmas and wanted to put someone's character in tacky holiday boxers. Didn't finish it until a few weeks ago, though.

Got some badge sketches done today, waiting for approval on them, feeling decaffeinated and somewhat drained , probably because I've been having weird dreams lately. Maybe I should go put a Dr. Pepper in the freezer and go read a book for a while. (Or play Pokemon. Pokedex is up to 64, but James is ahead of me. Grrrr! =P )
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I have been staring at this piece for far too long. I think it's time to call it finished.

Hexadragon commission

I was asked to do a draconic creature with six eyes, four arms, two legs, missing a couple of fingers. Somehow the extra limbs and missing fingers put me in mind of crumbling statues of Hindu deities, which then morphed into a stone-coloured protector of ancient ruins. Whatever he protected is probably long gone, but that doesn't mean he's letting you through!

I think today is going to be a scribble-day, or maybe even a "don't draw, just clean out the fridge because it is gross" day. I need something easy after fiddling with this one! Then again... I think that negates the fridge idea. ;)
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First piece done with the new tablet!

(Thumbnail goes to larger version.)

Character belongs to [ profile] maxkhaos, done for this month's Gryphon Art Exchange. Would probably change a few things if I was starting again (don't like how much he's swinging to one side), but I wanted it DONE.
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Victory! I've been making a couple of threats with regard to my tablet lately- it has a short in the cable and is extremely finicky and prone to cutting out at random intervals when I bump something out of place, which was happening more and more often and driving me mad.

Threat #1 was to toss it off the balcony outside (Huh, if I had better aim, I could try to fling it from the loft out the door, dropping it two floors instead of one, but I'd probably just break the other part of the sliding door). Sadly, this probably isn't going to help anything but my anger.

Threat #2 has been to tape the damn thing to my desk and make sure that the cord can't budge. AHAHAHAHAHAHA it WORKED. Dumbest fix ever, but it worked. It hasn't cut out on me once.

So, I took the opportunity to finish up a piece for this month's Gryphon Art Exchange, and then couldn't see straight for a few hours, but it's done. (Click for a larger view.) The character I was assigned belongs to [ profile] rantingmule.

I also did this one for someone over on the DC- there's a lot wrong with it, but I was just wanting it finished.

And forgot to post another one a while back- first thing I did with Painter IX, which is a gigantic beast of a program and eats system resources like they were chocolate-chip cookies (mmm, cookies. I made cookies on Sunday but they're all gone. :( ) but has tools I like and finally I have Painter with layers and yay.

(P.S. If you still haven't given me your address and want a Christmas card, Email me! )
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Maybe the unicorn brain-parasite will be satisfied now! Finished picture. )
Autumn grows weaker, Her hold on the realm becoming tenuous. The Beast of Winter enters, beautiful, but harsh, leaving a glittering, edged landscape behind Him. There are those who see that he also brings death, and would call Him evil- but he is no more than a Beast, and knows nothing of good or evil. He merely is, and no wardings or muttered words can stop him from completing his task.

I think this fellow is going to work his way into a little fairy-story I've had rattling around my head for a few months, but I need to do some serious thought about little things like... a plot... before I go farther. I tend to see things in flashes of scenes, and I never know where they're GOING or how they connect. If my characters had it their way, they'd all end up lost in the woods somewhere and never resolving anything. Figures.

Other things: Beef and blueberry stew is awesome (even if the recipe called for bison. =P )and pumpkin bread is also very tasty, although my big loaf fell apart. Oh, well, crumbly or not, it's still edible.

I can't wait till Sunday. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (hopefully) :D
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For [ profile] leitha_phoenix, animals and games. :)


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