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Much of this journal's content is

It's not all that interesting, but if you'd like to be added, you can try to telepathically implant a suggestion in my brain... or you can leave a comment saying who you are and how you found me. Your choice.

(Disclaimer: A comment isn't a guarantee that you'll be added. I am not responsible for any headaches resulting from failed telepathy attempts. Side effects may include dizziness, dry mouth, and plagues of corgi fur. Limit 1 per customer, void where prohibited by law. )
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There's a hole in my boobie, dear doctor, dear doctor,
there's a hole in my boobie, dear doctor, a hole.
Then pack it, dear Mary, dear Mary, dear Mary,
Then pack it, dear Mary, dear Mary, pack it.

With what shall I pack it, dear doctor, dear doctor,
with what shall I pack it, dear doctor, with what?
With gauze, dear Mary, dear Mary, dear Mary,
with gauze, dear Mary, dear Mary, with gauze.

The gauze is too dry, blah blah blah, blah blah blah
Then wet it, yadda yadda, yadda yadda, yadda yadda
With what shall I wet it ...
With saline and wound gel ...

I can't figure out how to turn this into a circular thing like the 'hole-in-the-bucket song', so maybe I should just stop while I'm ahead... or at least before I get too far behind.

The thing is definitely shrinking, but I'm sick of it. Tape is getting itchy. I'm ridiculously lopsided since I can only nurse on one side. James is calling it the boob-onic plague. Will probably stay that way for a while. Bah.

Right. I promised baby pictures.

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(I am tired and should go to bed. Blame this bit of silliness on exhaustion.)

Once upon a time, there was a monster that lived in the desert. It liked to eat foxes. It would devour ten at a time, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Naturally, its predations took a toll on the vulpine population, and soon its favourite meal became harder and harder to find. One day, there were no foxes anywhere to be found.

Other monsters felt sorry for their hungry friend, and tried to convince it to eat something.

"The addax are particularly fine this year," one monster said.

"No! They are disgusting! Their horns get stuck in my throat!"

"I know where we can find a nice juicy ostrich!" another one stated.

"Too many feathers!"

"Have you ever tried lizard?"

"No, no, no, no! I'd rather go hungry than eat any of that stuff! I am a fox-eating monster and I want more foxes!"

Eventually, all of the other monsters gave up and went away. As for their fox-less friend- it withered away and eventually died of starvation.

The moral of the story? Come on, I'm sure you can guess it...


Don't be a fennec-y eater.

The end.

*runs away*


Apr. 10th, 2011 10:52 pm
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Offering free pictures and getting only one taker (thanks, [ profile] chickvw! Expect something shiny soon. ) is kind of a hit to the ego. -.- I always end up with this feeling that I suck so bad I can't even give doodles away.

(This is slightly exacerbated by the fact that someone has apparently decided that a "name-your-price icon" wasn't worth paying *anything* for. Possibly they just forgot to send a trade. Possibly they're not paying because I took too long to make it. Possibly they're a giant douche. It's definitely not about a lack of funds because the medium of exchange was virtual-freaking-pets on a site that hands them out like candy.)

Anyway. I suppose the lack of freebie-volunteers may actually be because I posted on a site where nobody was reading the offer...

If anyone's on FA and wants to throw a character or two into the pool for potential random doodles/experiments, go here.
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There will be more things to show soon, but I finished this up tonight and want to post it before I forget.

Yay, new character.

She is even more glittery than her brother. But looks slightly less like an explosion at a crayola factory.
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On this day six years ago, ten little puppies were born.

One of them would later come to live with me. How did my scrawny little beanpole get to be so old? (Somewhere in there he filled out and stopped being a twig with legs.)

Happy birthday, Ramses! (Also Knuckles, Quinn, Glyph, Belle, Fly, Shelby, Nettie Mae, Stella, and CC. )
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I made a few digital edits when I realized that the face turned out considerably narrower than it was supposed to be. I'll be mailing the original soon, though. :)

Mister Bear ran face-first into a massive heap of Suck- I had to do some research to figure out why my "black bear" looked like a brown bear (turns out that it was an issue of muzzle shape, black bears have a straighter line from nose to forehead than brown bears). Also, axes are surprisingly hard to draw.

Started over digitally, but it's still a work in progress.

Octopus has not been started yet, but will be soon.

Have some other stuff!

James looked at the last one and said "My, how... emu-lar..." which I assume is either the state of being emo, or perhaps something of or related to large flightless birds... Anyway, I didn't come up with Emo Bunnicula, I just drew it in exchange for virtual pets. =P

Oh, yes. And fluffy Auri.

Going to make some tea, then back to drawing.

To do:
Rackety Badge (holy crap how long has this been sitting unfinished on my computer? It's been 95% done for months...)
Harli icon
Mister Bear ([ profile] rebelowl42, does he have a name?)
Octopus for [ profile] dandelion
Irime for [ profile] chickvw
Finish Auri reference sheet
Sparklegryphon costume design *sparkle sparkle sparkle*
Anything I'm forgetting?
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Sorry, no art yet, but two things to post:

#1- I'm back on the diet wagon, though I've been bad about exercising. (Cold weather kills my motivation to go out walking.) Even so, I passed the 35-pounds-lost mark this morning. 5 more and I'm buying myself new cookware as a reward for being good. Goodbye, yucky teflon pans. 15 more and James will let me get a pair of budgies or cockatiels.

#2- Aaaaand despite everything I said about sticking to healthier choices, tonight there will be junk food and beer. GO PACK GO!

I need to make a cheesehead icon.
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I seem to have inadvertently performed a test on the lightfastness (or lack thereof) of Prismacolor markers. I've had a colour chart hanging on my wall for a while, since it's impossible to tell what the markers will actually look like based on the labels. Now my square for "chartreuse" looks like mint. WTF. Damn you, faded pigments!

At least there is plenty of time for me to make a new one. This morning's painting lesson was cancelled on account of the blizzard. So was my dentist appointment. (Woohoo!)

It's stopped snowing, but James is working from home this morning. Even the dog doesn't want to go outside.

Hope everyone is safe and keeping warm!
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My nemesis was lying prone, apparently defenseless. I pinned it in place and held my weapon aloft, prepared to deliver a mortal wound.

"Haha!" I cried. "This shall be the end of you!"

The carrot, however, was wilier than I had realized. In my overconfidence, I was caught completely off-guard by its swift evasion, as it rolled out of the way of my deadly stroke. Gleaming steel slid along its surface, but failed to slice vegetable flesh. Instead it found purchase... in my thumb.

Thud! Slash! In that moment, the tide of battle had turned. Like floodwaters through a dry riverbed, blood spilled down the creases of my hand. But worse than the pain of my injury was the pain of my shame.

In that moment, I knew... the orange menace had won.

DAMN YOU, CARROT. Damn you to hell.

P.S. Owwwwwwwwww.
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Just saw that NakamaCon is looking for people to reserve spots in the Artist Alley... Same price as regular membership. Downside is that I'd be sitting at a table for the whole con- then again, it's not like I have any other plans, and my (very few) convention experiences have primarily consisted of me wandering around looking completely lost, so... probably not missing out on much there. I have to decide if I'm brave enough to actually sign up, whether it's worth the effort, and whether I can crank out passable badges while under a time limit.

Flail flail flail flail fret fret fret.
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Before going over a drawing with watercolours, it would be wise to make sure that all lines were drawn with waterproof ink. So much for that batch of sketches...

At least I'm almost done with wreath adoptables.

One more, then it's time to re-draw the icons I ruined. Get along, try again.
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Who just gained the capability to produce her very own gryphon army?

Yeah, it's this girl.

Begun, the Clone War has.

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In fact, sometimes it just looks like a great big mess. :)

(I know OOMOO isn't really intended for brush-on molds, but I hope it will work out anyway.)
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James:"There was something wrong with this calculator, right?"

Me: "Well, it has a line of dead pixels, but everything else works fine..."

J: "That's what I thought... But it's not doing that anymore." *proceeds to fill the screen with numbers to demonstrate the lack of dead pixels*

M: "I guess it fixed itself?"

J: "Now it has a line of undead pixels."

... What do zombie pixels eat? Should I be worried?

(Then again, the type of undead wasn't specified, so they might not be zombies at all... Vampire pixels? Werewolf pixels? Ghosts of Calculus Past?)
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Being huge nerds, we carved a Bowser-face into our pumpkin this year. In a happy coincidence, our trick-or-treaters included two Marios and a Princess Peach. :D BEWARE THE PUMPKIN.

I spent most of the evening dressed up as Jillas. Guesses included "orange wolf", "big bad wolf", "puppy", and "pirate fox". I'll accept "pirate fox", because I doubt there are many Slayers fans around here. :) At least one of the neighbor-kids recognizes my house at this point- he remembered my wolf and said he knew there'd be something here.

Speaking of werewolves, my dad has apparently been putting his to good use, which makes me happy. He was taking a break to cool down when a kid in a store-bought werewolf costume showed up. He asked the kid to hang on a second, ran back into the house, and slipped his mask on. When he returned, the kid took one look at him and said "GRANDPA!" Heehee.

(He's also been driving around to harass relatives. My granddad was not sure what to make of the wolfman who unexpectedly appeared on his doorstep, until it started talking and he realized who it was.)

Hope everyone else had a great evening! Don't make yourselves sick on cheap candy. :D
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The wolf is on his way to a new home. There are still a number of mistakes that bug me- symmetry issues, areas of general messiness, and I'm kicking myself for not noticing why the side view seemed weird until AFTER I'd stuck the thing in the mail (I think I may have to steal him back and fix that... ) but I keep reminding myself that a)it's for someone who won't notice anyway, and b) it's a huge improvement over my first head.

One of these days I will learn to chill and stop worrying about how I don't measure up to people who do this stuff for a living. = P

More below the cut )

Now I need to see about getting my Jillas costume ready for Halloween. Might be a good idea to do some alterations on the pants. XD
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Two completely unrelated things:

-The computer room is some kind of furry horror show right now. Bits of fluff and disembodied costume parts EVERYWHERE. However, Brown Wolfthing Version 2 is well underway and is a huge improvement over Version 1.

-It is now James's birthday. :)
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James has been sick with an unspecified Plague. What makes plague sufferers feel better? A great big batch of [ profile] electrichobbit's Internationally-renowned Chicken and Dumplings.

The recipe is here- and it takes substitutions well. My loathing for cooked carrots is well known* - I usually toss in random frozen veggies instead.

While I'm at it, here are some other recipes:

Gyudon- Japanese beef bowl. Good way to get rid of leftover pot roast, just slice it up and skip the boiling step.

Super Moist Pumpkin Bread

Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese - This is amazing. And probably amazingly bad for me. I haven't made it since I've started counting calories; I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop at a reasonable portion size.

All of the recipes I've tried from the Homesick Texan have been good, actually. Especially since I sometimes feel like an exile in a land without Mexican food or Southern cooking.

Anyone have any favourite recipes that they might like to share? Bonus points for low calorie and/or veggie-based dishes.

*There is now one exception to my no-cooked-carrots policy: gajar halwa. Apparently Indian cuisine works miracles. Some Indian dishes can also make cilantro almost tolerable.
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My computer is sick.

First it had a virus (which FOUR different virus-scans failed to kill)... now Windows won't boot. At all.

I foresee many hours with an Ubuntu CD and an external hard drive, if I want to recover my data. (And since I do not want to lose all of my digital art and photos and old writing, I'll have to.) Sigh.

Edit: A winner is me! IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE!

I'm still not convinced my computer is completely clear, and am posting from a laptop right now, but the process of sorting through my files and figuring out what to back up will hopefully be easier and faster.
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